52 Conversations – All topics

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Each week, you’ll receive a link to a pdf of the next Conversation of Support
to download or print out for reference. Each Conversation provides activities and
suggestions for creating the sweeter life between meals.

1. 10 Steps for Getting Started
2. Giving up Dieting and Embracing Abstinence
3. Why We Need a Food Plan
4. Changing Our Relationship with Hunger
5. Taking Charge of Our Food
6. Getting the Support That We Need for the Journey
7. The Wisdom of Learning to Be Uncomfortable
8. Action Is Key to Creating a Sweeter Life
9. Increasing Our Experience of Satisfaction
10. Why a Sweeter Life between Meals Is Good for Our Health
11. Being All-in: Letting Go of Half-Measures
12. Journaling Our Way into a Sweeter Life
13. Reducing Stress by Creating a Supportive Environment
14. Creating a Rest Practice
15. Embracing Exercise as Crucial to Our Recovery
16. Creating Healthier Rituals of Pleasure
17. Getting Quickly Creative in the Kitchen
18. Managing Stress by Letting Go of Drama
19. Building a Dependable Life
20. Getting Engaged in Life and Staying That Way
21. Honesty Is the Only Policy
22. Addressing the Stresses of Money
23. Cultivating a Habit of Speaking up for Ourselves
24. Food Triggers, Food Tripping, and Food Porn
25. Creating Deeper Connections with Others
26. Dealing with Food in the Work Place
27. Giving Ourselves Attention, Not Cookies
28. Handling Stress in the Work Place and the World
29. The Great Value of Finally Growing Up
30. Giving up Busyness: Abstinence and Time Management
31. Choosing Abstinence as a Gift to Ourselves and Others
32. Creating a New Relationship with What We Want
33. Changing Our Speaking May Be as Important as Changing Our Eating
34. Cleaning up the Past: The Danger of Regrets, Resentments, and Secrets
35. 10 Ideas for Taming Our Restlessness
36. The Importance of Dreaming and Imagining
37. Unconditional Friendliness and Love for Our Bodies
38. Why Shifting Expectations and Entitlement Is Important
39. Nurturing Our Child Self
40. Strengthening the Support from Within Us: Meditation, Reflection, Prayer
41. Being with Food in a New Way: Love and Appreciation
42. Imagining Courageously: Changing the Things We Can
43. Getting Back on Track: When Demon Foods Come Calling
44. Creating Our Way out of Boredom: Creative Self-Expression as Support for
45. Doing More of What Inspires Us: Keeping the Meaningful Front and Center
46. Embracing Happiness: Learning to Live without a Big Problem
47. Taking Our Power Back: The Paradox and Possibility of Choice
48. Attending to Our Legitimate Needs
49. Letting Go of Getting By and Embracing a Richer Life
50. Shifting from Judgment to Curiosity, from Inner Critic to Encouraging Explorer
51. Resources for the Sweeter Life between Meals
52. A Checklist for Creating a Sweeter Life and Freedom from Self-Loathing

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