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A list of non-food soothing techniques

Holiday hype is a big stressor for many of us. So since we don’t want turn to food to soothe us, here are some other ideas that I included in my book, Candy Girl.

  • Do box breathing. Count to 4 as you inhale through your nose. Hold your breath for a count of 4. Exhale through your mouth to the count of 4. Hold for a count of 4. Do 1-3 times. (You can envision this as a box: Inhale across the top, hold down the right, exhale across the bottom, hold up the right.)
  • Keep a daily meditation book/reader handy and read one page slowly.
  • Email or text a friend and ask how they are and tell them you appreciate them. Don’t say anything about yourself.
  • Organize something for five minutes (a drawer, a shelf, a file).
  • Run cold water on your hands and splash it on your face.
  • Carry an object that has some peaceful significance for you: beads, a smooth stone, a small velvet pouch. Handle this object when you are stressed and imagine pouring your stress into it. Breathe deeply as you do this.
  • Get outside for five minutes: Walk, stretch, breathe deeply, sing out loud. Remember to set a timer if need be.

What other soothers work for you?

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