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A plan of non-action

I had a great conversation this morning with my friend L., a comrade in forks. We were buddies in food recovery before she moved away and we’ve stayed in touch by email. About six months ago, she decided to also do Bright Line Eating and we’ve committed now to a weekly phone check-in with how we’re doing.

I’ve been needing some support around overeating. While I have surprisingly little trouble with my demon foods, sugar and flour, as I move towards two years abstinent, I still struggle sometimes with hunger between meals and after meals. I knew L. would be great support for me because she and I share a commitment to rigorous honesty with each other. I know she won’t shame me when my program gets wobbly because she knows as I do how difficult abstinence can be.

In our call this morning, we got to laughing about our need for a non-action plan. When we get a craving for something or an urge to eat when it’s not meal time, we need to take non-action. That’s right. We need to do nothing, one of the hardest things for an addict to do since we want to fix any discomfort and fix it now. I appreciate having L.’s support for my non-action plan.

Who can support your non-action plan?


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