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Accepting that there isn’t one solution to food addiction Part I

Like many of us, I’ve been looking for decades for that perfect solution to my sugar and overeating addictions. I dated Weight Watchers briefly, went out with OA for a short while. Read a dozen books that promised I could do sugar in moderation. They lied. Juiced, fasted, did power smoothies. I lost weight on every food restriction plan (aka diet) that I tried, but I gained it all back after some time.

In 2015 I thought I had found the Solution. It was called Bright Line Eating and the creator of the program, Susan Peirce Thompson, is an addict and alcoholic and knew about addictive eating and the science of sugar eating. There was (and is) a lot of good information and online support to the program and that all seemed perfect. For 18 months I followed the food restriction plan, which was very healthy. I lost a lot of weight (84 pounds) in that time and I was convinced I’d been saved.

And then the hunger got to me. I’d been hungry for 18 months and I just couldn’t be hungry all the time anymore. I’d also been hypervigilant about what I ate and how much and when, and I was exhausted from that too. And I realized that Thompson was a recovering anorexic and anorexics get power and energy from hunger, not suffering the way we overeaters do. And this big piece of the puzzle both disappointed me and made me feel powerless, and I jumped into relapse with both feet.

How do you deal with hunger?

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