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“Jill Kelly is a wise guide for those who want to find a new relationship with food. She is also a wonderful writer who goes deep with her own story and offers a hopeful and creative way to live with food and with yourself. Highly recommended.”—Margaret

Important, powerful, helpful! —Chris Matthews

I couldn’t put this book down because it told my story in clear, compelling language. Jill Kelly’s honest writing helped me see there’s a way out of this addiction, that my eating sugar was solving something, but that because of the way I’m wired, I need to eat differently than others who can put food down when they are finished. I especially appreciated the format of this book. Each section is numbered, with an index in the back for quick reference, and each section concludes with questions, which would be really helpful to discuss in a small group or on my own when I’m journaling and need a prompt to go deeper. I want to give this book to several people who would be both comforted and inspired to change. —Anonymous in Pittsburgh

Jill’s book is a perfect resource for anyone struggling with compulsive eating. Her story-telling, her examples and especially the questions she poses to us, the readers, opened my eyes to more of my blind spots and let me see how some of my “secrets”, both past and present, were still keeping me closer to the slippery slope of relapse than I am comfortable with. After reading Jill’s book I feel less alone, more understanding of some of my repetitive behaviors, and more grateful than ever to have great authors like Jill to accompany me along the path of recovering my sanity and a healthy body. —Lilian Gael

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