Sober Play Reviews

“For those of us who are very serious, dedicated, and responsible about our recovery (because we’ve suffered a lot), Jill’s book is a breath of fresh, cool air on a hot day. Jill encourages opening the spirit and emotions to our innate creativity (which might have been submerged due to life’s difficulties). Jill offers a tapestry of diverse ideas and practices to dabble in– even providing many suggestions of how to begin in each creative area. I found it to be lots of fun! Jill shares experience, strength, and hope for the creative blossoming of our lives. I’m sure you’ll enjoy feasting in Jill’s banquet of creative delights.” —Bob Wilson

“I encourage persons in the helping profession; counselors, therapists, ministers, social workers, etc. to have this book available for your clients/care receivers. I also encourage anyone wanting to gain intention and strengthen their life force to get this book! Jill Kelly and contributor, Bridget Benton, carve out a path of play and creativity that offer depth and meaning. I applaud Jill’s tireless commitment to contribute to health and wellbeing, particularly to persons longing for freedom from the trap of attachment/addictions. Jill offers experiential engagement in creative expression so that we can know life fully!” —Beth Easter

“Great book! It is an inspiration to anyone seeking to discover or re-discover their creativity, not just those in recovery. Jill Kelly guides us to this with great thoughtfulness insights and examples that we do not have to be the next O’Keeffe, Rembrandt, Angelou, or Baryshnikov to enrich our lives through our own creative process. As Jill states early on in Sober Play, “creative self expression is a process and a practice, not a product.” I will keep this book handy so I can remind myself frequently what it is all about. I have already highly recommended this book to many.” —Honey West

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