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“When and how does a child learn to self-soothe to escape the terrors of what she cannot possibly control? By offering a window into her personal life, Jill provides a revealing view into the struggle facing the individual grappling with addiction, all written in a clear, accessible style. This book reaches beyond a private memoir and is an important reminder that with intentional effort anyone can return to the natural birthright of well-being and wholeness. This book is a good read and highly recommended. Moreover, those treating women and families where addiction is a factor will find this book inspiring and useful.” —Dr. Josette Luvmour

“Jill Kelly has written probably the best book ever written about the bewilderment and pain of addiction – and the focused courage it takes to start down and stay on the road to recovery. She is an accomplished writer so the book is a good read for anyone whose life has been touched by the dreadful disease of alcoholism – and that’s just about everyone these days in one way or another. I keep extra copies on hand to give to friends – and friends of friends – who want information and inspiration about this subject. Jill tells it like it is. Highly recommended.” —V. Ford

“I’ve come to believe that the great social leveler of our time is the 12-step program– one of the few places to find real honesty and real truth about the most basic elements of life as we live it. Jill Kelly has written a raw, honest, extremely readable account of her journey thus far. It is absolutely compelling, devastatingly effective, and utterly frank. But above all, it is true. Some of it is dark, some of it is difficult, but you will love walking the path with Kelly as she emerges into light– and faces new challenges, new truths, in the life of sobriety and creativity she has come to. A true example of facing truth, even when it is hard. This book is well worth reading, for anyone who has walked with friends or relatives on the same path.” —Britton Steele

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