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Choosing Better Stresses

Here’s something you may not want to hear. It’s not possible to have a stress-free life. In fact, it’s not even desirable. Many of us don’t realize that our bodies need stress. Think of the important stresses of weight-lifting to build muscle or of climbing stairs to build good cardiovascular health.

There are also good emotional stresses. Excitement and anticipation are two of these. So is falling in love, whether it’s your partner, your child or grandchild, your puppy or kitten, a piece of music. Intense feelings are a good stressor for the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Most of us food addicts have a different feeling about stress. We relate to it as fueling our cravings, our compulsion, our need and desire to eat for relief. We feel burdened by stresses about money, relationships, work, chores, health: too much of some and too little of others.

I’d like to suggest that we can choose better stresses to have in our lives. We can actively work to resolve financial stress, work stress, health issues, and relationship difficulties so that we can open ourselves up to the good stresses of happiness and joy.

How might you go about choosing better stresses?


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