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Curiosity and Its Important Role in Recovery

There are any number of traits that we must call on to get and stay abstinent from demon foods and overeating. Discipline, self-worth, and perseverance come quickly to mind. But I’m learning that curiosity is a key component as well.

When we are curious, our minds are open, available to receive new ideas and new information. We can let in something we haven’t considered before. We can shift our attitude, our mood, and even our beliefs by remaining open and curious.

One of the great benefits of meditation, however we practice it, is to stay curious about what thoughts cross our minds and what feelings arise in our bodies. We don’t have to follow them, we don’t have to wallow in them, we don’t have to fix them. We can just experience them without doing anything about them. Instead of thinking this is awful, we can think I wonder how long this will last or I wonder what this is all about. We can learn to let the thoughts and feelings rise and fall away.

We can also stay open to new solutions to problems we are experiencing. When we respond with food, we are solving our problem in the old, well-worn way. Sadly, we are also reactivating that well-conditioned response, waking it up again as it were, and getting our cravings going again. We don’t want to do that. We want that old response to wither away. Curiosity can help us do that.

How are you using curiosity in your recovery?

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