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Devotion, not discipline

I was talking to a friend recently about all my goals and projects and giving her an update, and she said to me, “I wish I had your discipline.” I understood what she meant because I know that’s probably what it looks like from the outside, that somehow I can whip myself into sitting down to do a writing project or keep off sugar and flour or walk most days of the week.

But it isn’t discipline that gets me going where I want to go and doing the things I say I want to do. It’s something much more positive than that. I heard Pavarotti, the opera star, explain how he finds the “discipline” to sing and practice and study many hours a week. He said that it wasn’t discipline, it was devotion. Devotion to his art, to his contribution. That resonated with me. I feel that it’s devotion that’s spurring me on a lot of the time.

I’m devoted enough to my writing to do it most every morning first thing. I’m devoted enough to my well-being to walk or go to the gym almost every day. And I’m devoted enough to my abstinence to keep saying no to sugar and flour and snacks.

What are you devoted enough to do for yourself?

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