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Distinguishing between a goal and a wish

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately. I’m in a 9-month intensive course on getting what we want out of life. And I have three goals: Live as much of the time as possible in peace of mind and spaciousness, complete all 52 modules for my sugar addiction online program, and develop a sustainable art practice that fits my life.

How do I know these are goals and not wishes? Because every day I interact with them. I’m in relationship with them. I’m learning to make all my decisions based on peace of mind and spaciousness. Will choosing X increase peace of mind? I’m scheduling 2-4 writing sessions a week on the modules. I completed 11 more modules in May. And I’m keeping track of my painting time with a goal of five 45-minute sessions a week. I’ve exceeded that number the last four weeks.

On the other hand, here’s a “goal” of mine that is really a wish. I want to lose another 30 pounds by Christmas. It sounds like a goal. I’ve got a specific measurable outcome and a deadline. So how do I know this is a wish instead of a goal? I’m not doing anything to get there. I’m talking about it. I’m thinking about it. I want it to happen. But I’m not interacting with the goal. I’m not in relationship with it. And I’m finding that makes all the difference.

What one wish could you turn into a goal and how would you do it?

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