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Do every simple thing you can think of

We can be tempted to think that moving into abstinence from sugar and food addiction is a big, complicated process. And sometimes it can be. Sometimes a number of things in our life may have to shift so we can reduce the triggering circumstances that drive us to self-medicate with food. But other times we can be tempted to use those complications as a reason to postpone abstinence indefinitely, and that doesn’t serve us.

When we want to make an important change, we can start by doing the simplest parts. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Here are some of the simple things I started with. Note that I did these one at a time.

  • I gave away or threw away all sugars (white, brown, powdered, honey, agave, stevia, you name it) in my home.
  • I gave away or threw away all flour and prepared foods with flour (crackers, chips, just about every snack food).
  • I stopped buying energy bars (most are a form of “healthier” candy bar).
  • I began reading labels on anything canned, frozen, or packaged.
  • I stopped going to certain kinds of food places (pizzerias, Mexican restaurants, bakeries, ice cream shops).

These were pretty simple ways for me to start taking care of myself in a new way.

What one or two simple ways could you use to start taking care of yourself?

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