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Eating Is Not Our Best Solution for Overwhelm

Overwhelm has always been a food trigger for me. The burden of too much to do ups my anxiety level and I want it to stop now. So I turn to food. I no longer eat the sugar and flour that would just increase the jangled nerves but I still want to eat more, hoping to get somewhere, anywhere but here where I feel overwhelmed.

I recently came back from a blissful week of retreat, where time was open and spacious and responsibilities were few. I stepped almost immediately back into appointments, two work projects, some writing commitments, and several meetings. While none of this feels like overwhelm in the context of my daily life, it felt enormous coming back from retreat, and I didn’t take any of that into consideration when I set it all up.

I didn’t even see how I was feeling until I found myself in the kitchen with my hand in the bag of cashews in the cupboard and I released the nuts from my hand and stepped away. What I did see after that was that the overwhelm just felt worse after eating, not better, and the smartest thing I could do was nothing. I took a break, sat and petted one of my cats. That helped way more than cashews.

What is your solution to overwhelm?

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