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Embracing Hunger as a Good Sign

Shifting what I eat has turned out to be much less problematic than I expected. After a couple of weeks of abstinence from sugar and flour, any physical cravings went away and hasn’t returned (2.5 years later). In fact, it makes me queasy to think about eating any sweet foods although every once in a while, I do miss pizza.

The surprisingly difficult part for me of abstinence is my relationship with hunger. I hadn’t realized how much of my overeating was about physical discomfort at its base rather than emotional discomfort. I see now how difficult hunger is for me and what it takes to embrace it as an opening rather than a problem. Real physical hunger is a good sign: a sign that our bodies need fuel. If we want to lose weight, we need to spend some time hungry so that our bodies will burn stored fuel (aka fat). If we don’t want to lose weight, we still need some hungry time for our intestinal systems to rest. If we eat all the time, it never gets to do that.

I find this hard to remember when hunger seems miserable. That’s when I need to hold in mind that my life is sweeter, that I’m more alive with less food.

What is your relationship with hunger?


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