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Experimenting with flour while I was travelling

For more than 30 months, I’ve been off flour and other processed grains. I’m not a fanatic about that. I don’t have any gluten issues and a trace of flour in something is not a problem for me. But I do subscribe to the idea that pulverized grains act like sugar in my body, and that is a recipe for craving and active addiction for me.

I recently spent two weeks in Ireland and Holland and before I went, I discussed with my two food buddies whether I would choose some things with flour. And I did. I had a few bites of traditional Irish soda bread (not interesting), several pieces of a homemade brown bread at a friend’s house for tea, a pizza, and a couple of sandwiches spread over the two weeks. I enjoyed them all, and I was happy to not feel any craving for more. That was the good news. The bad news was that my intestines were not happy with those choices. My clean system didn’t want that stuff coming down the pike.

And so now I’m home and I’m not eating that stuff anymore and my gut is happy again. I like it when experimenting teaches me what I need to know and I don’t need to do that again.

What has experimenting with food taught you and what do you not need to try again?

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