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Falling back into old thinking

Since I’ve returned from my trip, I’ve found myself falling back into black/white, all-or-nothing thinking. This never serves me very well. On the trip, I thought about food very little. There were so many interesting things to do and see, and I very much enjoyed the company of the close friend I was with. We ate good meals but I didn’t need anything else.

Now that I’m home, my regular life seems, well, pretty regular, pretty ordinary. I miss the intensity of travel and the full engagement that I experienced and so I want to medicate with food. An old, old habit.

It seems a long time between meals; and when I’m working at my desk, I’m struggling with the false hunger of boredom and then the real hunger of not-yet-mealtime. I want to fix that with food. I’m also finding myself unwilling to get back on weight-loss quantities.

I know this isn’t something that I can “fix.” It’s something I have to sit with, ride through and it will pass. But I don’t like it.

Do you experience a letdown after travel that prompts you to go back to old eating habits? How do you handle that?

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