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Getting honest about what we eat

All the 12-Step programs promote rigorous honesty since most of us addicts have a slippery relationship with what we consume when our addiction is active. I couldn’t get sober until I was honest with my doctor about just how much alcohol I was drinking and how often. So lately I’ve been practicing being rigorously honest about what I’m eating. I’m not changing what I’m eating, just telling it like it really is.

I’m doing this with one of my sisters, who also suffers from overeating issues. Each day we email each other with what we ate the day before. We delineate by meals and snacks. We don’t comment on what the other person ate; instead, we thank each other for our honesty.

In the past, I’ve only been honest about what I’m eating when I’ve been adhering rigidly to a diet. Now I’m interested in a very different relationship with food, and honesty seems a good start.

Who might you be honest with about what you’re eating?

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