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Getting out of the stale conversation about weight loss

I’m back in an old and very stale conversation with myself. When am I going to lose the rest of the weight? Two and a half years ago, I gave up sugar and flour (all pulverized grains), got on a great food plan, and lost about 80 pounds. In the last year, I’ve gained back 14. What’s more, 80 pounds wasn’t all I needed to lose. There were/are 30-40 more to get me to a really appropriate weight. So I need to return to the weight loss plan and do it.

But I don’t. Instead I talk about it and I think about it. And nothing happens. Of course not, because talking and thinking don’t really create change. Action does. And I’m having trouble getting out of the conversation and into action. I know this is probably familiar to you. In fact, you may be stuck in this same stale conversation.

So I’m committing to action. My first step will be to get myself back on a meal schedule: Breakfast between 8 and 9, lunch between 1 and 2, dinner between 6 and 7. I can see that I’ve let that slip and been both eating at odd hours and eating more than three meals.

What one step would get you out of your stale conversation about weight loss?

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