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Getting unstuck from old habits

When I feel stuck around my experience of food addiction, I think of that old story of the woman who always cut off the end of the Christmas ham before roasting it in the oven. When her daughter asked her about it, she said her mother had always done it and the ham was always terrific. The daughter asked her grandmother about the tradition. She laughed at the question and said, “I cut it off because my pan was too small.”

Many of our habitual responses to discomfort are based on the same idea. When we put the habit into place, we had a good reason. We were little children who were abused or neglected or wounded in some way, and we had few resources to take care of ourselves besides food. Now many years (or decades) later, we’re still cutting off the end of the ham (and stuffing it in our mouths), even though we’ve lost touch with the original reason why. We’ve never sought a better solution (like buying a bigger pan or loving ourselves into wholeness).

What better solution could you try as a replacement for soothing with food?

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