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Giving up the control vs. out-of-control conversation with food

One of the hardest parts of food recovery for me is the fact that I cannot just be abstinent from food the way I am abstinent from alcohol. It’s not physically possible. I can be abstinent from certain foods and I am. Sugar and all other sweeteners. Processed and canned foods that use sweeteners as preservatives.

But I have to eat to live and that’s a big complication for a food addict. And it keeps me in the need to control what and how much I eat and then wrestling with my rebellion against that, that whiny kid in me that wants to eat what I want whenever I want it.

The truth is that I don’t want to be in either part of this conversation anymore. I don’t want to measure out 1 oz of cashews and I don’t want to eat handfuls in a sitting. The truth is I don’t want food to be my conversation at all. I want my life and my dreams and my passions to be my conversation. So I need to go back to my original premise for this blog:

How can we create such a sweet life between meals that the meals aren’t important?


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