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Got a big problem to solve? Get happier

At a workshop I attended recently, we practiced getting happier for no reason. We were asked to rate our current happiness in the moment on a scale of 1-10. Then the leader gave us 30 seconds to raise it by at least one number. We weren’t asked to think of anything in particular. We were just asked to get happier, to feel happier by choosing to be so.

Almost all of us could do it, and some could raise their number by 2-3 points. His point was that we don’t have to rely on external circumstances for our happiness. We can choose to be happy. This wasn’t some facile, Pollyanna thing. It was a choice. And the next thing he said was even more interesting.

If we have a big problem to solve, it is way easier to solve that problem if we’re happy. Why? Because when we’re happy, we’re more relaxed, we’re more patient, and we’re more creative. We have access to a wider range of solutions. I like that possibility.

What might change in your life and your abstinence if you chose to be a little bit happier?


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