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Half-Measures Won’t Get Us What We Want

Over the last few months, I’ve watched two friends who follow the same food plan I do fall into what 12-Step programs call half-measures: one foot in recovery and one foot in addiction. They each had some serious success for the first few months and then things began to slip.

One of the two women struggles to put more than a few days of continuous abstinence together because
frustration or anger or disappointment seem unbearable and the only relief she can think of is a demon food with sugar, flour, and fat. She is adamantly convinced that the frustration, anger, and disappointment are inevitable and cannot be eliminated or managed in another way. The other friend is continually adjusting the food plan, the structure, the support, trying to make it fit so that she doesn’t have to abstain completely. But doing it her way isn’t working very well either.

In the 12-Step philosophy, we have to let go of half-measures. We have to be all in with whatever food or recovery plan we have chosen. We have to trust that what is working for other people will work for us too if we just do it.

Where are you stuck in half-measures? How could you get unstuck?

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