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How hard it can be to tell the truth about our eating

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the post-travel letdown has had me struggling with overeating. I still measure my portions at meals. That’s not the problem. But in the afternoons, I’m grazing again. A few nuts here, a no-sugar protein bar there, some carrots, an apple. None of this food is bad for me. It’s all on my plan. But eating between meals is a very slippery slope for me as I really don’t like being hungry and I can convince myself that I need to eat way more often than my body needs.

I’m fully conscious that I’m doing this. I’m not lying to myself or in denial about it. But I haven’t shared this with either of my food buddies. Not because I’m ashamed. I’m not. But because I don’t want to stop doing it.

I also realize that I don’t know what I want next in my relationship with food. Part of me wants to lose more weight and part of me wants to stop being rigid and structured about food. It’s an old push/pull that I know only too well. Perhaps just being honest with not knowing is a place to start.

How do you deal with the tendency to not tell the truth about your eating?

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