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Identifying Our Too Much and Our Too Little

Moderation is not a skill that comes easily to me, so I do my best to practice wherever I can. The past week or so, I’ve been attending to what seems too much in my life and what seems too little as well as what seems just right. Here’s some of what I’ve discovered:
Too much:
• Alone time
• Stuff not put away
• TV watching
• Protein (lots of meat)
Too little:
• Painting time in the studio
• Laughter
• Movement and fresh air
• Salad and raw veggies
Just right:
• Reading
• Petting opportunities
• Computer time
• Sleep

While this isn’t a formal practice with me, I like checking in (I often do this in my journal on Sunday nights) to see what needs shifting. The sweeter life is about a healthy balance for me and keeping tabs on that I find useful.

Where is too much and too little showing up in your life?

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