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Improving ourselves—and our circumstances—is a great idea

Self-improvement often gets a bad rap. Don’t try so hard, people say, or just accept yourself as you are. That can be fine if acceptance is a starting point for creating what you want but not if it’s encouragement to stay miserable.

I’ve been reading Jen Sincero’s great book You Are a Badass. It’s a wonderful, energetic, and sassy take on the Law of Attraction ideas. One of the statements she makes really resonated with me. “One of the best things you can to improve the world is to improve yourself.”

I’m not talking plastic surgery or some complete make-over. I’m talking about giving up the beliefs that don’t serve us anymore. “I can’t live without sugar.” Well, sure you can. “I can’t make money doing what I love.” Well, people do that all the time. Why should you be excluded? “I can’t keep the weight off.” Yes, you can. You just have to create a wonderful life that satisfies you more than food.

What one thing about yourself or your circumstances could you change that would support your abstinence from trigger foods?

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