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Looking beyond the food

I’ve been emailing with a friend of a friend in Wisconsin about her struggles to stay abstinent with food. Every morning she plans to have a clean day and every day she doesn’t succeed. She’s feeling pretty hopeless about it. I know that feeling. I lived there for a long time. I wanted to stop and couldn’t imagine how because I thought I’d tried everything.

What I hadn’t done was look beyond the food. I was focused on the food, on what I was eating or not eating, how much I was eating, how much I should be eating. It was all about the food. It wasn’t until I could really, truly realize that the food wasn’t the issue that I could stop.

If we can look beyond the food, we can move out of what and how much to why. Why am I self-medicating with food? For that’s what bingeing and starving and overeating and chronic snacking and huge meals are all about. Anesthetic. Once we begin to fix what’s not working in our lives, we have a good chance to let the food habits go that don’t serve us.

What might happen if you could look beyond the food?

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