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Making exercise your friend

I am one of the luckiest people I know. Why? Because I have an exercise buddy. About 12 years ago, I convinced my backyard neighbor to start going to the gym with me. I wasn’t coming from a place of I love it and you’ll love it too. Far from it. I was coming from I don’t like it but I want to be healthier and I need support to do that.

I’m so grateful she said yes and since then, with some exceptions for out-of-town travel and the occasional cold virus, we’ve been going 2-4 times a week all these years. We don’t actually work out together. We drive over together, do separate routines on the treadmill and weight machines and stretching mats, and then come home. Recently, we’ve started doing water aerobics one day a week.

Do we love it now? No, not really. But even though we groan abut, we don’t mind going. We feel better afterwards and we are committed to being ambulatory at 90. Have we lost weight doing it? Not much. But we are strong and a lot fitter than we would be without, and we both look better for it. All that’s worth a lot.

How might you find an exercise buddy?

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