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Our Bodies as a Business Asset

My good friend Sage has taken on maximum health this year as her most important business goal. She’d been through a rough year of stresses and difficulties and found herself sleeping and exercising less and weighing more than she wanted. She and I are part of a mastermind group that focuses on marketing and promoting our services, and it made perfect sense to me that she would take on her health as a business project as well as a personal one.

Being in good health makes everything work better. We have energy, we have clarity, we have strength—things we need to be our best in our work and in our relationships and in our passions. Sage is staying off sugar and flour and eating a crap-ton of veggies and some clean meats and fruits. This is also the plan I’m on and it’s one that works so well.

How has recovery from food addiction supported your business or work goals?

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