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Our restless search for the magic solution

A woman who’s very public in her recovery from food addiction announced on her blog that she’s experimenting with a water fast (going without any food for a prolonged period and drinking only water). I was surprised at this. Not because of what she’s choosing to do. That doesn’t appeal to me but I know that water fasts can be a healing experience for some illnesses, especially when it’s supervised by a physician.

What surprised me is that this woman is still looking for a cure. She promotes a very healthy and successful food program of abstinence and support but it’s apparently not enough. I understand this. We addicts are restless creatures. We’re still looking for the easier, softer way to deal with our emotional dependence on self-medication.

I sure did. I cut out ice cream and that worked—for a while. So did eating no white sugar. So did eating no fried foods. So did Weight Watchers. So did Slimfast. But eventually I was just right back in it up to my increasingly thick neck. It was only when I gave up all of my trigger foods AND began creating a satisfying life between meals that I could stop searching for some magic solution.

What magic solutions have you tried? What is really working for you?

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