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Pause and choose something else

As I move deeper into my practice of making decisions based on peace of mind (will choosing X increase my peace of mind?), I’m becoming conscious of how many decisions I make without much thought at all, especially when it comes to food. When I do that, what’s missing is a pause.

AA talks about “pausing when agitated,” and I’ve become better at doing that. But what if I also paused when I wasn’t agitated?

Here’s the important thing: Choice lies in the moment between thought or impulse and action; choice lies in that pause. As food addicts in recovery, we need all the choice we can muster instead of just responding to life’s difficulties by eating something. We need to move from automatic response to chosen response. If we pause before acting, we can choose something else, something better.

How could you create more of a pause before acting in your life, especially around food?

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