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Peace of mind vs. peace of body

I’ve realized that when I’m in the midst of cravings, having peace in my body is the only thing that seems to matter. Making the craving go away feels urgent and impossible to deal with in any way except eating something. I feel frantic and miserable and I just want it to stop.

But as we all know, satisfying a craving by eating doesn’t keep the cravings from coming back. It just keeps the well-worn groove of response alive in the brain so more cravings occur. And it doesn’t lead to peace of mind, not for me anyway. Once the body is sated, the shame, guilt, and inauthenticity come knocking—every time!

If I can accept that my food addiction, like my alcoholism, is an illness, then what is my body and soul trying to tell me through this? Can I stop medicating with food and really listen to what they are asking? Can I lean into—and learn from—the suffering rather than wishing it away?

What might your soul and body be asking of you when you are suffering with food addiction?

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