Quarterly Conversations #4


Product Description

Conversations in this kit include:

  • Strengthening the Support from Within Us: Meditation, Reflection, Prayer
  • Being with Food in a New Way: Love and Appreciation
  • Imagining Courageously: Changing the Things We Can
  • Getting Back on Track: When Demon Foods Come Calling
  • Creating Our Way out of Boredom: Creative Self-Expression as Support for Abstinence
  • Doing More of What Inspires Us: Keeping the Meaningful Front and Center
  • Learning to Live without a Big Problem
  • Taking Our Power Back: The Paradox and Possibility of Choice
  • Attending to Our Legitimate Needs
  • Letting Go of Getting By and Embracing a Rich Life
  • Shifting from Judgment to Curiosity, from Inner Critic to Encouraging Explorer
  • Resources for the Sweeter Life between Meals
  • A Checklist for Creating a Sweeter Life3 and Freedom from Self-Loathing