The Free Online Candy Girl Workbook

If you’re like me:

  • You’ve been around the food and diet wars a long time.
  • You’ve invested a lot of money and energy and deprivation in trying to get into a right-sized body and find peace with food.
  • Any results you’ve gotten haven’t lasted. 

The same thing happened to me until I figured out why. It isn’t about the food. What keeps us overeating are the circumstances of our lives. For most of us, relief and recovery from addiction, obsession, and compulsion around eating isn’t possible until we can say YES to creating a more satisfying life between meals.

The 52 Conversations in the free Candy Girl Workbook offer you support for creating a different life.

  • Freedom from guilt, shame, and self-loathing
  • Better mood and better relationships with those you live and work with
  • A safe, healthy, predictable relationship with food
  • A way to take lasting control over your eating
  • A sweeter life between meals

Each week, you’ll receive an email with a link to that week’s Conversation with suggested Tools for Change and Possibilities for Practice that will encourage you to consider new ways of being and doing.

What people are saying about the 52 Conversations program:

“I’m loving the conversations; they make sense and I like your personal testimonial in them. The questions you ask are great. They are simple and realistic.”
Louise, Alberta, Canada

“The life between meals online program and coaching have led me to a place in my life I thought I would never be—free from sugar!”
—Judith, Portland, OR

Click here to see the topics of the 52 Conversations.

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