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Risk and recovery from food addiction

I’ve been coming across the idea of risking more and more often from a number of different sources lately. First, the women and money group I mentioned in the last post where we each expressed a big risk we could take. Then the same conversation has appeared in several books I’m reading for an upcoming course I’m taking on Deep Vocation as I move towards retiring from my paid work. In those teachings, living a fully conscious and considered life always involves risk-taking.

Of course, recovery from food addiction is by nature a risky business. We have to give up the seduction of comfort and lethargy that lies deep in our relationship with food as sedative. We have to risk that we will survive as our feelings surface and ask again to be dealt with. We have to find a way to be okay in a steady state of alertness and consciousness that we have pushed away for so long. We have to be willing to face the large and small demons that cornered us in the past and encouraged us to eat our way to safety.

So when it came my turn to speak my big risk into the circle last Sunday, I spoke my need to find true peace with food, to stop self-medicating and face my dragons. I have the willingness. Now I’m looking for the courage to risk.

What big risk could you take towards further healing with food?

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