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Seeing Food Addiction in a New Way

I know that my relationship with food, central in my life as it seems some days, is not fundamental to my core self. It’s not who I am; instead it’s a tool that I learned as a child in dealing with PTSD. In other words, I use food as an anxiety-management system.

That was good for me as a child. I know it helped me survive. And because I was a nervous kid, I burned off all those extra calories so my physical health didn’t suffer. But as an adult, it’s no longer my only choice. And it isn’t a good one. Continuing to use overeating to manage my anxiety stands between me and a right-sized, truly healthy body.

So my challenge seems less in how to manage my overeating as has been my focus for so long but in how to manage my anxiety. This seems a most worthy inquiry.

How do you manage anxiety?


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