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Self-Loathing and Recovery from Food Addiction

There are many ways in which our addiction to sugar and food can trip us up, but self-loathing is surely one of the cruelest. Recovery is not an easy journey. Addiction is a powerful and deeply entrenched force in our lives, and it takes considerable time and attention to change our habits, which in turn slowly changes our thinking. We can get tired of the struggle and just give up, and then we’re right back in the misery.

A big part of our tendency to loathe ourselves in the face of relapse is cultural. Our early Puritanical founders perfected self-loathing and it hangs on all these centuries later. We feel guilt and shame when we are unable to stop eating demon foods, and of course, that guilt and shame lead us to eat even more. It’s a horrible cycle.

There is no simple cure for self-loathing but it doesn’t help us in the least to just stay in it. The best treatment is to recognize it when it’s gripped you and take some small action to shift out of that space.

What small steps could you take to get yourself out of self-loathing?

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