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Simplify life, amplify well-being

I love this intention that my good friend Sage Cohen created for herself for 2018. It’s clear, it’s concise, it’s easy to remember, and it’s exactly what she wants for herself. While I have my own intention for this year (live from a generous heart), I’m also going to adopt Sage’s as well.

My 2017 intention was to develop a spaciousness practice and I’ve been pretty successful. That effort included some simplifying of my to-do lists each day, saying no thanks to invitations that weren’t a Hell yes!, and lowering my expectations of what I could get done. But I can see that deepening this practice even more with the goal of simplifying my life will bring additional benefits. It’s hard to live from a generous heart when we’re harried and hassled by too many obligations and commitments.

I also want to amplify my well-being. For me, that means not only continued abstinence from sugar and flour but upping the vigor of my exercise and stretching more. As I move into my 70s, I want to be the exception: fit, flexible, feeling fine. I’ve already spent a lot of days, months, and years fat, marginally healthy, and full of guilt and self-loathing. I’m so done with that.

What would simplifying and amplifying look like for you?

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