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Some wise words about change

“Things can’t change as long as the emotional necessities for having them are not changed.” –Karen Horney, psychologist

This sentence leapt off the page at me in an article I was reading for a class I’m taking on finding your purpose. The article was in fact a chapter from a book Horney published in 1950 on neuroses (she died in 1952). The chapter is called “The Tyranny of Shoulds” and is a fascinating look at how we torture ourselves with the need for perfection.

I’ll write a later blog post about some of these ideas, but I wanted to share this sentence with you now because it supports my belief that if we don’t create a more satisfying life for ourselves, we will continue to numb out with food (or work or shopping or alcohol) so we don’t have to be fully in the life we have. Our emotional necessity for sugar or food will continue until we change whatever needs changing (boredom, restlessness, loneliness, dissatisfaction, etc.) and we don’t need to be numb anymore.

What’s helping you build a sweeter life between meals?

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