Starter Packages

The 52 Conversations are available in packages of 13 weeks or the full year (a 25% savings).

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13 Weeks Set #1 ($57)

  • 10 Steps for Getting Started
  • Giving up Dieting and Embracing Abstinence
  • Why We Need a Food Plan
  • Changing Our Relationship with Hunger
  • Taking Charge of Our Food
  • Getting the Support That We Need for the Journey
  • The Wisdom of Learning to Be Uncomfortable
  • Action Is Key to Creating a Sweeter Life
  • Increasing Our Experience of Satisfaction
  • Why a Sweeter Life between Meals Is Good for Our Health
  • Being All-in: Letting Go of Half-Measures
  • Journaling Our Way into a Sweeter Life
  • Reducing Stress by Creating a Supportive Environment
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13 Weeks Set #2 ($57)

  • Creating a Rest Practice
  • Embracing Exercise as Crucial to Our Recovery
  • Creating Healthier Rituals of Pleasure
  • Getting Quickly Creative in the Kitchen
  • Managing Stress by Letting Go of Drama
  • Building a Dependable Life
  • Getting Engaged in Life and Staying That Way
  • Honesty Is the Only Policy
  • Addressing the Stresses of Money
  • Cultivating a Habit of Speaking up for Ourselves
  • Food Triggers, Food Tripping, and Food Porn
  • Creating Deeper Connections with Others
  • Dealing with Food in the Work Place
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13 Weeks Set #3 ($57)

  • Giving Ourselves Attention, Not Cookies
  • Handling Stress in the Work Place and the World
  • The Great Value of Finally Growing Up
  • Giving up Busyness: Abstinence and Time Management
  • Choosing Abstinence as a Gift to Ourselves and Others
  • Creating a New Relationship with What We Want
  • Changing Our Speaking May Be as Important as Changing Our Eating
  • Cleaning up the Past: The Danger of Regrets, Resentments, and Secrets
  • 10 Ideas for Taming Our Restlessness
  • The Importance of Dreaming and Imagining
  • Unconditional Friendliness and Love for Our Bodies
  • Why Shifting Expectations and Entitlement Is Important
  • Nurturing Our Child Selves
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13 Weeks Set #4 ($57)

  • Strengthening the Support from Within Us: Meditation, Reflection, Prayer
  • Being with Food in a New Way: Love and Appreciation
  • Imagining Courageously: Changing the Things We Can
  • Getting Back on Track: When Demon Foods Come Calling
  • Creating Our Way out of Boredom: Creative Self-Expression as Support for Abstinence
  • Doing More of What Inspires Us: Keeping the Meaningful Front and Center
  • Learning to Live without a Big Problem
  • Taking Our Power Back: The Paradox and Possibility of Choice
  • Attending to Our Legitimate Needs
  • Letting Go of Getting By and Embracing a Rich Life
  • Shifting from Judgment to Curiosity, from Inner Critic to Encouraging Explorer
  • Resources for the Sweeter Life between Meals
  • A Checklist for Creating a Sweeter Life and Freedom from Self-Loathing
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