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Staying interested in healthy meals

I’m in a food slump. In the years I’ve been serious about recovering from food addiction, I’ve encountered several of these. The thrill of peanut butter with apple, of meat sauce on roasted veggies, of big salads dissipates after a few months. I know that for me a return to sugar and flour is neither feasible nor desirable, so I have to get creative with what is on my plan. Here are a few ideas that have been helping me.

  • I add vanilla or almond extract to my plain yogurt. I also add it to my oatmeal before I cook it. It sparks up the flavor and adds a kind of sweetness for my taste buds.
  • I add chili powder to marinara sauce, add veggies cooked until just tender, and spoon it over a big salad (my version of taco salad). Adding a few olives or a tablespoon of a creamy dressing is good too. I also do this with meat sauce.
  • I mix fresh (cooked tender crisp) or canned green beans, canned tuna or salmon, capers, kalamata olives or olive tapenade) together with a tablespoon of olive oil and a splash of reduced balsamic vinegar. Makes a great pot luck main dish. If potatoes are on your plan, adding chopped boiled potatoes is a lovely addition or variation.
  • I mix canned black beans, chopped red pepper and red onion, chopped apple, and a measured amount of crumbled feta with a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt.
  • In these hot months, I still use my crock pot but I put it out on the patio so it doesn’t heat up the house.

What new dishes are you dreaming up to keep your food interesting?


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