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Staying out of Resignation

Addiction, yours and mine, thrives on resignation, that feeling that we’re stuck and there’s no way out, so why bother trying. Resignation is a major factor in why long-term recovery from any form of addiction is low (about 10%). We make some small forays into eating better and eating less. Maybe we go so far as to clean out our cupboards and our fridge. Maybe we join a professional weight-loss group and have some small success. But then we go back to our old ways and resign ourselves to the same old misery. Recovery seems too hard, too impossible, too daunting. It seems easier just to stay resigned.

But freedom is possible. It really is. However, it requires us to step into the possibility of abstinence and a healthy relationship with food and stay there through perseverance and persistence, through supporting each other and reducing our negative stresses. Possibility is the opposite of resignation. It’s hopeful, healthy, and free. That’s what I want. How about you?

How might you keep the possibility of peace and freedom with food alive in your life?


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