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Still looking for ice cream

I’ve been fooling around with granola. The very very low sugar kind. Eating it for a meal with berries and nuts. But it’s turning out to be as bad a relationship as a seedy motel with a married man.

You see, one bowl isn’t always enough. And I’m finding myself tempted to move from the very very low sugar kind to the low sugar kind, just a couple of grams more per serving. And I’ve moved from skim milk to half and half. And I know what I’m doing. I really do. I’m still looking for ice cream.

Ice cream is at the very heart of my addiction to sugar. It’s the perfect combination of fat, sweet, and flavors that puts me in the numbing coma that I’m still drawn to. I know that ice cream is not in my future, not if I want to be sane and have a prayer of a chance of a normal size body. But I still want it.

So when I began to see that granola and fruit and cream was in response to an ice cream longing, I knew I had to let it go. But not without regret.

What slippery-slope foods have you fooled around with?

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