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Taking care of the universe

I was at a workshop over the weekend and one of the presenters quoted author Geneen Roth. “Your body is the piece of universe you’ve been given.” Although I’d read the book it comes from (Women, Food, and Money), I don’t remember reading that. Chances are I wasn’t ready to hear it, for I was still mired in food and sugar addiction.

I love this idea now. And I think it’s more than an idea or a clever poetic phrase. I think it’s a fact. On the intellectual level, we know this is true: that we are made up of the same elements as all other living beings. On a wider intellectual level, science tell us those elements are made of old stars. On the spiritual level, we know deep down we are part of everything.

So what can this suggest to us on the recovery level? That our bodies are a gift. That we are responsible for that gift and its care. Recovery is about self-responsibility, taking care of ourselves. But we can see that it’s a wider concern, a wider responsibility. If we take good care of our part of the universe, through wise eating and exercise and loving attention, we are modeling better care of everything. It’s a responsibility that fills me with wonder.

How will you take care of your piece of the universe today?

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