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Taking my own advice

For the last year, I’ve been writing a lot about creating a sweeter life between meals as a support for our abstinence. In those writings, I always acknowledge that this may include some hard changes, changes we may really want to resist, changes like getting a different job, staying away from an abusive parent or spouse, or finding different playgrounds and playmates, as we say in AA.

I’m at one of those crossroads now. When I watch my own pattern of overeating, when I watch myself make a commitment to not eat between meals and then break it, I can see that it’s occurring almost always when I’m working. I’ve been doing the same work for a lot of years and it often doesn’t really engage me anymore. My spiritual director suggested that my soul is sending me a big red flag. Do something else, it’s saying, something you really want to be doing.

So I’m entering into an inquiry about money and income, my self-definition, retirement (or cutting way back). I’m both excited and terrified.

What big change might you need to make for your abstinence?

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