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Taking responsibility for our success

In the end, no matter how much help we find from others, we are the only one who can make the changes we need. We’re the only one who can stop putting sugar and flour or excess food into our bodies. We’re the only one who can eat on a schedule if that is what works best for us. We can’t abdicate responsibility for this to someone else. We can ask for help, we can accept help, but we have to do the work. It’s our responsibility.

The same is true of most of the changes that support our recovery. We have to find the courage to speak up for what we need: a sugar-free home environment, less stress at work, financial independence, whatever it takes. The Big Book of AA puts it quite succinctly: “Half-measures availed us nothing.” We need to be all in if we want to succeed at being free of food addiction.

What will it take for you to be all in?

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