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The danger of comfort food

A friend was telling me recently that she was having cravings for comfort food (mac and cheese, meat loaf, grilled cheese sandwiches). She’d been having a rough few weeks and these foods from her childhood were calling to her. I realized as I listened to her talk that most foods are comfort foods for me. Not just those high-fat kid foods but anything I eat in order to comfort myself.

Food as comfort is not a good idea for me. As I mentioned a few posts back, I have to cultivate other effective soothers for those times when I’m sad or lonely or unhappy or stressed. The more I can remove emotional connections from what I eat, the better off I am. This isn’t easy as many of our memories are associated with food and being fed. I just have to find non-food ways to feel comfortable and while that takes more effort than food does, it’s a better route to what I want.

What is your relationship with comfort foods?

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