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The food addict’s challenge: Finding other things in life that are as satisfying as food

About five years ago, through an email from a friend and a quick decision, I lucked into an affordable art space about 10 blocks from my house. For the next three years—until the building was sold and the new owner tripled the rents—I worked there quite happily, stepping into my identity as an artist. After a couple of months, I began to realize that even though I took a thermos of tea and some snacks with me, I never touched them there. In fact, I forgot all about them and would just carry them home with me.

I can contrast this with the same amount of time spent on the computer, whether editing (which is how I earn my money) or taking care of emails or researching for a project. After 15 or 20 minutes, I’m up and in the kitchen and looking for something interesting to eat. This isn’t about hunger; I can be only 20 minutes from a meal. It’s a difference in satisfaction.

I can experience the same contrast after lunch out. If I felt seen and heard by my lunch companion, I don’t eat when I get home. But if the encounter was unsatisfying, I’m in front of the fridge before I get my coat off.

My challenge is to identify those satisfying things that don’t trigger me to overeat.

Have you identified what’s satisfying in your life?  

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