The Quiz

Is this you?

  1. Do you swear off sugar and flour products from time to time only to relapse in a few days, months, or years?
  2. Do you hide what you are eating from other people?
  3. Do you eat in secret and perhaps prefer it that way?
  4. Do you bury the evidence (stuff wrappers into the bottom of a trash can, for example) so no one will know?
  5. Do you feel guilty or ashamed of what and how much you eat?
  6. Do you obsess about particular foods, perhaps going out of your way to buy just the right thing?
  7. Do you feel a sense of emotional relief when you have plenty of those foods on hand?
  8. Do you eat foods you say you are not going to eat?
  9. With certain foods, are you unable to stop at one serving?
  10. Do you suffer because of how and how much you eat?

The quiz you just took is not a scientific survey. It’s a list of what millions of us do as sugar and food addicts.

Are you ready to move away from that relationship with food? Are you ready for a better life between meals?

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