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The relationship of our best Self and food

I came across this great quote from Joan Chittester, an extraordinary radical nun, who writes very interesting books. “We have a chance [at all stages of life] to be the best self we’ve ever been,” she says. “And we have the chance to help others do the same.”

This got me thinking about my best Self and how abstinence from demon foods and overeating gives me a much greater chance of being guided by that best Self. When I succumb to the seduction of numbness, my best Self recedes from me in a kind of sadness that I’m making the same old mistakes again and again.

Abstinence is my key to my best Self. I know that and yet I don’t always choose it. But when I attend to the second part of the quote, helping others do the same, there’s a stronger pull to put the food down and live consciously.

How is your relationship with food connected to your relationship with your best Self?

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