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The relief of knowing that I’m a sugar addict

For the last five of the 20 years of my active alcoholism, I suspected I had a big problem but I didn’t want to know. Then when I finally began to educate myself about the disease, it was a relief to know what was wrong with me. I didn’t stop drinking then, but I knew for sure that I needed to. And that led me before too long into sobriety.

Like many alcoholics, when I got sober, I went back to my primary addiction: foods with sugar, flour, and fat. Because I didn’t have a weight problem at first, I didn’t even consider that I was a food addict. I just loved to eat. Who doesn’t? Eating made me feel better. It calmed my anxiety. It soothed my loneliness. I was convinced it was helping me stay sober. All good, right?

The weight came on very slowly. Five pounds a year. After a few years, my blood pressure wasn’t so good. A couple more and my cholesterol didn’t look good either. I began to hear “It would be good if you lost 20/30/40/50 pounds.” I heard the doctor and I wanted to change, but I couldn’t stick with a diet and every time I went back to sweets, it was worse. I clung to the medical reports that said sugar addiction didn’t exist. I didn’t want to know that I had another addiction, and I didn’t want to stop eating. So I gained more weight and my health got worse and so did the self-loathing that comes with wanting to do one thing and always doing another. Sound familiar?

Finally a friend forwarded the videos of Susan Peirce Thompson to me. I saw and heard enough evidence to be convinced that sugar was an addictive substance and abstinence was the way out. I gave up sugars and flours on October 12, 2015, and have lost most of the weight and become healthier than I’ve been in 20 years. All a result of accepting that I’m a sugar addict. What a relief!

What relief might you find in accepting your addiction?


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